About us! The entire team is committed to Agrid's green vision. Our house is burning and we are convinced that our software is the first stone to put out the fire.

About us!

The team is driven by a common feeling: our house is burning and we want to be part of putting out the fire. Every day we work to try to make the world a better place.

Our story

Agrid was founded in 2019 with the aim of contributing to a major environmental challenge: that of energy optimization. Indeed, consumption items such as air conditioning and heating account for 55% of the world's electricity consumption. Created by Jean-Pierre Voropaieff and Jean-Bernard Eytard as part of their thesis, the team has grown rapidly thanks to the arrival of people with a common goal: to reduce the energy impact of tertiary buildings.

Agrid is part of an ecological approach and wishes to participate actively in the green transition by offering companies the latest in digital technology. Agrid offers quick and efficient actions for the operation of buildings, especially those subject to the Tertiary Decree. Our software is the result of an iterative process oriented towards energy objectives but in concert with the preservation of occupant comfort.

Our values

Ecology, let's save our planet


We do not wish to remain passive in front of our future. It is becoming urgent to do something to save our planet. Beyond words, Agrid offers a solution that complements the current proposals already on the market.

Quality at the heart of our approach

The quality

Thanks to its dynamic and committed team, Agrid puts quality at the heart of its approach. We want our product to meet your expectations, ours and those of our planet. Concession is not part of our vocabulary.

Our strength, responsiveness to act sustainably for our planet


Convinced that together we can act sustainably and favorably for the climate, Agrid is at your disposal to support you in this vital energy transition.

They support us!

European Union and Collectivité de Corse

Agrid is co-financed by the ERDF and the Collectivité de Corse

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