You arrived on this webpage because the hotel you are staying at is eco-friendly. It is using Agrid to optimize its energy consumption

What is Agrid-Link ?

Agrid-Link is a software that takes into account several data related to the building in which you are currently, to optimize the adjustment of air conditioning and heating in order to improve its environmental impact and to hunt down energy waste without altering your comfort.

Rubeus, our super virtual technical operator, takes care of everything and your comfort. Have peace of mind, you will no longer need to think about programming your heating or air conditioning. For example, Rubeus will turn off the air conditioning when the room is unoccupied and adapt the temperature as well as possible in your presence.

And be assured, if the temperature recommended by Rubeus does not suit you, you can indicate your preference at any time via the air conditioning or heating remote control and Rubeus will take it into account thereafter.

What are the good practices to have?

Responsible use

It is not useful to heat to 26° in winter and cool to 19° in summer. Rather the opposite ! And in addition, your comfort will not be reduced.

Turn off your unused devices

Favor external contributions (draughts, etc.) to over-consumption of energy. Respect the rule of “8”, no more than 8° difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature. Finally, it is recommended to sleep in a temperate room, at 19°.

Save money

Did you know that one degree of savings is equivalent to 7% energy savings? Thus, by opting for a 19° room instead of 20°, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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