How and why to maintain your air conditioners?


JANUARY 24, 2022

Why maintain your air conditioners?

Today, air conditioning and heating systems account for more than 50% of the energy consumption of a commercial building. Poorly maintained or badly adjusted, this equipment can become a real energy sink. Maintaining your air conditioners regularly allows you to :
  • Keeping the air in your building healthy
  • Maintain the energy performance of your equipment
  • Ensure the longevity of your equipment
"If your air conditioning has more than 2kg of refrigerant, regulations require the building owner to perform annual maintenance by a professional."
It is also important to banish the auto mode from your settings. Auto mode is energy consuming and detrimental to your comfort. Be sure to set your air conditioner to "HEAT" in the winter so that it heats and "COLD" in the summer so that it cools. The auto mode, which only refers to a specified temperature, can have the opposite effect of what you want at any time.

How to maintain them?

Here are our 3 tips for maintaining your air conditioners:

✅ Clean the filters.

The filters of an air conditioner are used to retain dust and bacteria. By cleaning your filters once or twice a year, you give your air conditioning a new lease on life, it needs less energy and diffuses healthier air.

You can clean your filters with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. If your filters are damaged, don't hesitate to replace them immediately.

✅ Descale your air conditioner

Each manufacturer recommends annual descaling. You can refer to your brand to find out which product is recommended. You can also call on a professional air conditioner maintenance service.

✅ Descale your air conditioner

Annual maintenance of air conditioners is mandatory for units with a capacity of more than 12 kWh.

Even if your appliances do not exceed this power level, calling in a professional to maintain your appliances allows you to take care of your equipment with peace of mind.

Don't hesitate to ask your maintainer for advice.