Mini Series: Hotels' environmental efforts

Episode N°2: Cleaning products

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

The second part of this article is dedicated to another environmentally friendly action that is becoming more and more widespread each year: the use of ecological cleaning products.

The emergence of more eco-friendly cleaning products over the last 10 years is of course not specific to the hotel industry. But it is attractive in this sector for various reasons. On the one hand, the clientele is also more and more sensitive to this issue, which pushes hoteliers to make efforts in terms of environment. On the other hand, the use of eco-responsible products goes hand in hand with the reduction of chemical products and brings additional safety to hotel staff. According to a recent study by CHF Expert54% of hotels, cafés and restaurants use eco-friendly hygiene products and 33% plan to do so in the near future, demonstrating that this is a major concern for the sector.

To know how to characterize an ecological cleaning product, many labels have been set upsuch as the European Ecolabel or the NF Environnement label. Each of these labels presents specifications to be respected for the products so that they are considered as eco-responsible, biodegradable or in order to guarantee the non use of substances dangerous for the environment and/or health.

In addition, other approaches can help improve the green impact of cleaning. The use of reusable cloths and the adaptation of the quantity of product to be used to the surface to be cleaned (pre-impregnation) are all levers that can considerably reduce the use of cleaning products.  

Thus, the improvement of the environmental impact of hygiene in hotels is a growing approach, on the one hand because it requires a low investment but with high visibility (especially for an eco-sensitive clientele) and on the other hand because it is beneficial to health.


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