200 m²
Installation time
1 day
2 air con monosplit, wifi module
CampusPlex was designed by internet officionados willing to created both a working space and an ideal living space. It's located in Ajaccio and was opened in 2009. The openspace can welcome more than 20 people and the place is also designed to help new ideas flourish.

Our collaboration with CampusPlex was very rewarding. As one of our first clients, it helped us to train our algorithm and make it better. We are very happy with the outcome and were able to make substantiable savings.
We are convinced of the impact of tech in the real estate world, and we are not alone ! Even if competition is fierceful, Agrid made a difference by their results and their solution to the problem. Agrid's algorithm was able to create gains within the first week.
We strongly believe Agrid can make a difference: in our coworking space, it managed to make 50 % savings and thanks to their predictive maintenance, we could prevent an issue and fix it before anything bad could happen !
ébastien SIMONI, Founder of CampusPlex

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