SITEC Bastia


SITEC consists of two buildings, one of which is 500m2 and is entirely dedicated to its offices. The architectural diversity of this building, which combines individual offices and collaborative spaces, lends itself to energy optimisation. We installed Agrid-Link in 2021 to help them reduce their energy waste.


500 m2




16 indoor units

The installation at Sitec took just over half an hour, and for good reason: rats had attacked the network cables! Nevertheless, in less than a day, we were able to install our system.

The Agrid system has been installed since November 2021 and has been running continuously since then.

"The collaboration with AGRID was an obvious choice for us because the solution it offers is perfectly in line with SITEC's ambition for environmental excellence. Reducing energy consumption allows us to reduce the carbon impact of our company but also to make very important savings which are at the heart of our economic model. Even if we have little experience, the user experience is already very satisfactory and the product is necessarily in constant improvement. Given our field of activity, we were very sensitive to this innovative technical solution with very high potential."
Nicolas Andrei
Nicolas Andrei,
Managing Director of SITEC