What is a CTM
CTM stands for centralized technical management. Technically, it is a remote controller that usually is on a wall and which allows to send commands to the different rooms in the building. Many brands, like Mitsubishi or Daikin, offers some CTM.
How do you compute the energy savings ?
We are using the International performance measurement and verification protocol (IPMVP) to compute the energy savings. It is a protocol internationally used, which perfectly fits our needs.
How much does it cost ?
We don't require any sensor to be installed in the first place, which means that there is no cost up front. We price ourself on the energy savings we are making. Contact us if you want to know the pricing for your building !
Why should I choose you instead of any one else ?
We spent more than a year working on our algorithm; it uses all data we possibly could get. For example, we use the occupancy, the weather forecasts, even the solar shadows casted by near buildings. We also create a 3D plan of you building to help our algorithm understand how the energy evolves within the building.
Another question ?